Marmara University Rector and Students Walked on the Campus for Independent Movement

On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities,  Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kurt and students walked on the campus for independent movement, also with a reading map.

A map reading and independent movement march were organized at Marmara University, where equal and barrier-free education is prioritized. The event organized to support the independent movement of visually impaired students was held on Thursday,  December 2, at Göztepe Campus.

Representing 67 visually impaired students of Marmara University, Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kurt did a map-reading at the office of the Rectorate together with  Osman Emre Turan, and then they took an independent movement walk on the campus. The event also was accompanied by visually impaired students, Founding President of the Six Dots Foundation for the Blind, Oya Sebük, Marmara University Disabled Student Unit Coordinator Zuhal Pek, and Head of the Accessible Marmara Club Erol Önal.

Kurt made the following statements in his evaluations: “We have 265 students with disabilities, 67 of whom are visually impaired, and all of them benefit from formal education. We are a very large and crowded university and we strive for barrier-free education. A rights-based understanding is our basic principle to live peacefully, happily and in peace. "The word "disability" is just a word for us to draw attention to the efforts to improve accessibility”.

With this project, which has been implemented at Marmara University since 2019, visually impaired students are provided with the opportunity to act independently on campus. Marmara University Disabled Student Unit Coordinator and Six Dots Foundation for the Blind are working together to set this practice as a model. Marmara University Disabled Student Unit Coordinator recommends families to support their children's independence and to encourage this education.