Marmara University Traditional Rectorate's Cup Awards Found Their Owners at Marmara Cup'22

2021-2022 Academic Year Marmara University Traditional Rectorate Cup "Marmara Cup" award ceremony was held on May 31, 2022 at Göztepe Campus Ömer Halisdemir Indoor Sports Hall.

In the tournament organized by the Health, Culture and Sports Department, 50 teams competed in basketball, football, volleyball women and volleyball men in the student category, while a total of 16 teams competed in the basketball and football branches in the personnel category.

After the long-lasting and contentious competitions, the winning teams received their cups and medals from the Rector and other senior university administrators and deans.

In his congratulatory speech, Rector Kurt thanked the administrative and academic staff who contributed to the tournament and said, “There were very competitive and gentlemanly competitions. We enjoyed watching you. We are happy that although these competitions were so contentious, there were minor accidents, but no major injuries. Thank God we have completed the Rector's Cup this year. In the coming years, we will organize even more beautiful Rectorate Cups with the feedback we receive from you. I wish you all health, happiness and success.”

Award-Winning Teams:

Winners in Student Basketball Competitions

  1. Faculty of Economics
  2. Faculty of Engineering
  3. Faculty of Business

Winners in Student Football Competitions;

  1. Faculty of Law
  2. Faculty of Engineering
  3. Faculty of Economics

Winners in Student Volleyball Women's Competitions;


  1. Faculty of Dentistry
  2. Faculty of Atatürk Education
  3. Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Winners In Student Volleyball Men's Competitions;

  1. Faculty of Law
  2. Faculty of Financial Sciences
  3. Faculty of Engineering

Winners In Staff Football Competitions;

  1. Vocational School of Technical Sciences
  2. Construction Works Department
  3. Göztepe Rectorate

Winners In Staff Basketball Competitions;

  1. Faculty of Technology
  2. Faculty of Dentistry
  3. Dragos Security Department