Marmara University's Project Has Been Accepted Within the Framework of EU’s Research and Innovation  Programme Horizon Europe.

Marmara University's new project supported by European Union has been accepted within the “Horizon Europe Programme, Cluster 4: Digital, 2022 call”.  The  project titled “Device-Edge-Cloud Intelligent Collaboration framework” was deemed eligible to be supported under the title of "HORIZON-CL4-2022-DATA-01-02: Cognitive Cloud: AI-enabled computing continuum from Cloud to Edge (RIA)",where 63 applications were made. The Turkey leg of the project with a budget of 5.93 M Euros, involving 13 organizations from 6 countries, will be carried  out by Assoc. Prof. Müjdat Soytürk,  Director of VeNIT Lab.

With the increasing prevalence of Cloud Computing and Edge Computing, ultra-low latency, security and location awareness (especially for applications such as Smart City, autonomous vehicles and industrial automation) are becoming more and more important. Within DECICE project, a structure that provides automatic and adaptive optimization for edge computing and Cloud Computing (Cognitive Cloud: AI-enabled computing continuity from Cloud to Edge) and its related components will be developed. In the project, which Marmara University will contribute with Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin and Communication Optimization, Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence based resource management and planner will be developed, which allows to monitor the entire system in Edge and Cloud Computing architecture. The "Connected Autonomous Vehicle" and "Smart Junction/VRU Safety" field applications, which will be carried out jointly by Marmara University and BigTRI, and the project outputs will be tested and evaluated.