“MX Creative Culture Industries Workshop” Was Held

Organized by Marmara University Innovation and Technology Transfer Application and Research Center (MITTO) and Marmara University’s  academicians, "Mx Creative Culture Industries Workshop" was held on 12th  December at Mehmet Genç Külliye.

In the workshop organized  at the sectoral and academic level,   many topics  were discussed such as “Mixed Reality Technologies in Business and Learning”, “Creative Industries and Cultural Heritage”, “Asian Culture and Mythology”, “Creative Idea Development and Commercialization”, “Copyrights in Digital Products”, “Industrial Design”, “Digital Game Industry”, “Creative Entrepreneurship and Innovation”. Within the scope of the workshop, the practices in the world related to the relevant fields were evaluated and the examples made in our country were discussed. Strategies and suggestions were presented to use current  systems for the development of the National Innovation Ecosystem and the acceleration of sustainable development.

The workshop was held as one of the activities of the "Marmara University Mxincubation Creative Industries Incubation Center Project" supported by the "Project Program of the Future Youth" of the General Directorate of Copyrights of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The opening speeches of the workshop were made by Marmara University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Akgiray, Director General of Copyrights Dr. Ziya Taşkent, Project Coordinator MITTO Center Director Lect. Dr.  Mustafa Şengör and workshop coordinator Dr. Zeynep Taçgın.

In the Keynote Speakers session, which also included international speakers, the topics of Animation and Culture, Technology Applications in Health, Simulation, Mixed Reality and Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications in Daily Life, Asian Culture and Turkish States were discussed by valuable academicians and industry speakers.

For detailed information of the project and visit the website: https://ktb.mxincubation.com/