October 29 Republic Day  Was Celebrated With Enthusiasm at Marmara University  

Marmara University Republic Day Celebration Ceremony was held on October 28, 2021, at Göztepe Campus,  İbrahim Üzümcü Conference Hall. The ceremony started with a moment of silence and the National Anthem. The opening speech of the ceremony was made by Marmara University Rector Prof. Dr.  Mustafa Kurt.

In his speech, Prof. Kurt said, “We celebrated the 98th anniversary of our Republic Day.  The Republic of Turkey is the last work of our thousands of years old state tradition rising in our homeland. Our Republic, which is the proud picture of our national unity and solidarity, is entrusted to us by our heroic martyrs who gave their lives for the sake of independence without hesitation. The Turkish Nation will keep our Republic alive forever with the responsibility of preserving and glorifying this valuable legacy. As the inheritors of such a glorious history, our duty as university members is to develop our country and move it to higher levels with our scientific studies and our goal of excellence in the field of education; to reach the level of contemporary civilizations that Atatürk Atatürk aimed as a target, and to crown it with leadership in the world of science and technology.”

Taking the rostrum after the speech of Rector Kurt, Director of the Institute of Turkic Studies Prof. Dr. Okan Yeşilot started the 29 October Republic Day panel session. At the panel, Prof. Dr. Vahdettin Engin said that the idea of ​​the Republic did not emerge suddenly, it developed in the historical process and came about with the joint struggle of Atatürk and his generation. Prof. Dr. Ali Satan emphasized that the Republic is a result of the rise of the national will, which started with the national struggle.

The ceremony was ended with the performance of the Marmara University Turkish Music Ensemble, which was prepared and directed by Prof. Dr. Mustafa Uslu.