Our Graduate Assoc. Prof. Betül Kaçar's Great Success

Assoc.Prof. Betül Kaçar’s success adventure that started with being awarded by American Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) thanks to her project she applied when she was a student at our university continues.

Working in the Department of Astronomy and Molecular Cell Biology at the University of Arizona in the USA after graduating from the Department of Chemistry of Marmara University in 2004;  Turkish scientist Assoc. Prof.  Betül Kaçar was admitted to the team created by NASA (American Aviation and Space Administration) to investigate the traces of life in the universe.

Assoc. Prof.  Kaçar, in her statement on Twitter account, "A good new. It is hard to put into words, but it is as follows: I have been accepted to a new NASA team created to investigate the traces of life in the universe. I started this year with a minor health problem, but it has done me the world of good. Let me finish by stating health comes first” noted her words.