Our Project Winning European Union Support

Our university's project titled "The Interdisciplinary HEI Entrepreneurship Fostering Program (InterHEI)" was deemed eligible to be supported within the scope of Cohort 2 of the Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education Program (EIT HEI Initiative - Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education), which was opened for the first time in 2021 by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

This project is designed to create innovation capacity that will enable higher education institutions in the field of food and health to produce socially responsible and sustainable innovative solutions and to offer entrepreneurial ideas that can transform food and health systems.

A total of 56 consortia representing more than 680 organizations from across Europe applied for the EIT HEI call and 26 projects were supported, including 147 HEIs and 147 non-academic organizations (companies, research centers, public authorities). 5 universities in Turkey will benefit from this support.

The higher education partners of this project, which will continue for 2 years, are Marmara University, University of Warsaw (Poland) and Loyola University (Spain), while the institute partners are Future Food Institute (Italy), Institute for Food Technology (Serbia), TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center and the American Farm School Post-Secondary Education from Greece and Training Association.

While Warsaw University will undertake the execution of the project, Marmara University will act as the higher education executive in Turkey. The project, which has a total budget of 1.2 million Euros, will be carried out by a consortium of Marmara University Innovation and Technology Transfer Application and Research Center (MITTO), Nanotechnology and Biomaterials Application and Research Center (NBUAM) and  Faculty of Technology.

We congratulate MITTO Deputy Director  Sema Gündüz and other academicians who contributed to the project and wish them a successful project period.

You can find detailed information about the project from the link below;