Our Rector Participated in the “2nd Uzbekistan-Türkiye Education Forum”

A " Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)" on bilateral cooperation was signed between the Council of Higher Education (CoHE) President of Türkiye and the CoHE President of Uzbekistan. Marmara University also took its place in the fair, where many universities from Türkiye participated under the leadership of the CoHE President  Prof. Dr. Özvar. “2nd Uzbekistan- Türkiye Education Forum" was held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, hosted by Tashkent State Transport University on November 13-14. Within the scope of MOU, master's and doctoral programs between Türkiye and Uzbekistan were among the priority targets.

Stating that they signed an important Memorandum of Understanding, Prof. Dr. Özvar said, “With this MOU, we have opened the door to important collaborations in postgraduate studies between the universities of Türkiye and Uzbekistan. "Hopefully, we will facilitate joint cooperation opportunities between the universities of both countries at the master's and doctoral levels," Özvar said. Explaining that universities in Türkiye and Uzbekistan are carrying out mutual studies, Prof. Dr. Özvar said, that there will be cooperation in the fields of natural and renewable energy, especially considering the environmental disasters that have occurred in recent years.

Prof. Dr.  Mustafa Kurt gave information in his speech about engineering education and technological developments in the fields of energy, transportation, construction and mechanical engineering, and made a presentation titled joint R&D studies and project collaborations with Uzbekistan universities. Professor Kurt stated that they signed bilateral cooperation protocols with many Uzbekistan universities and ended his speech by wishing that these collaborations would be beneficial for Marmara University and Türkiye.