Panel on “The Impact of the Covid19 Pandemic on Marketing and Its Reflection on Brands” Was Held

The panel on  “The Impact of the Covid19 Pandemic on Marketing and Its Reflection on Brands”, which was organized by the Marmara University Marketing Club as a series of the “CMO Talks” , was held in the form of two sessions in the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Law under the moderation of Prof. Dr. Mert Uydacı.  Senior executives from different sectors attended the event and shared their experiences with young people of Marmara University.

Rossmann Turkey Deputy General Manager Yücel Türkmensoy explained the communication channels they used in the field of health and personal care as a result of the changes in the pandemic period. Mentioning how they took action on branding, Türkmensoy drew attention to the importance of catching up with the changing understanding of consumption.

In his presentation on the future of transportation, Selim Okutur , Director of Toyota Corporate Relations,  talked about the damage caused by the automotive industry to the environment and the steps they took to prevent it. Referring to the importance of the use of renewable energy, Okutur said that they are working on the production and expansion of vehicles that reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the near future.

Ebru Günal, Deputy General Manager of LC Waikiki E-commerce, talked about the impact of the pandemic on the rapid change and transformation in this field in her speech on product diversity and the international market. Explaining the consumption habits in different countries where they offer e-commerce services, Günal pointed out that internet shopping is adopted by the majority of the society.

In the second session titled “Branding and Globalizing”, moderated by Fatma Müge Arslan, E- bebek Marketing Director Sevda Tarcan Demir shared her experiences about the impact of digitalization on retailing. Mehtap Yıldız, Deputy General Manager of Arzum Marketing and Product Development, shared her knowledge on innovation and design. The event ended with the speech of Yemeksepeti General Manager Bülent Dölek on the branding process.