Papers  of  Nanotechnology Center Were Published in the Most Highly Cited Journals

Two papers prepared within the studies of “Nanotechnology-based cardiac tissue patch” and “artificial cornea produced with a 3D bio-printer” were published in Q1 journals that identify the most cited journals.

3D printed artificial cornea and nanotechnology-based tissue patch for cardiac were produced within the study carried out jointly by researchers of Marmara University Nanotechnology Center (NBUAM), Genetic and Metabolic Diseases Research and Application Center (GEMHAM), University College London Hospital and Istanbul Medeniyet University Hospital.

The results of the studies were published in the Polymer Testing journal under the name "Production and Characterization of Elastomeric Cardiac Tissue-like Patches for Myocardial Tissue Engineering" and in the European Polymer Journal under the name "3D printed Artificial Cornea for Corneal Stromal Transplantation".

At the end of the research, artificial cornea and artificial cardiac tissue patches were produced by two different methods in our university.  In this way, the compatibility of the produced biomaterials with the cell has been proved and this research has paved the way for the use of biomaterials in clinical studies.  

Nanotechnology Center's researchers continue their online meetings to evaluate ongoing studies in the coronavirus process, to create a road map related to clinical studies and to implement new projects.