Psychological Support from MARPAM During  Coronavirus Pandemic

Marmara University Psychological Counseling and Guidance Application-Research Center (MARPAM) continued its services without interruption during the coronavirus pandemic process.

So far today, our academicians gave seminars on 6 different subjects,  in addition  20 online Psychoeducation studies about Time Management, Social Activities, Anxiety / Stress Management, Thought Management and Technology Usage, in which a total of 272 students participated.

In addition, 5 different workshops were held within the scope of "Corona Days Psychodestination Workshops". These workshops were created with the subjects titled  “ Emotion Regulation, Stress and Eating Behaviors, Controlled Internet Use, Efficient Evaluation of the Day, Time Management”, and were also benefited by fifty-two students.

174 students benefited from the online psychological support service during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

As long as the pandemic process continues, MARPAM  will continue to provide online psychological counseling services to the students and staff of our university. For the assistance of expert psychologists and psychological counselors who are working in the  Medico-Sağlık and MARPAM,

The application form on the MARPAM web page ( must be filled in and sent to e-mail address.