Significant Success from Marmara University Faculty of Medicine

The project titled "Evaluation of a preventive intervention for postpartum depression in high-risk populations in Turkey and Pakistan with a randomized controlled trial: PREVENT-PND", in partnership with Marmara University and Liverpool University, is entitled to be funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC).

In the project, which is  an extended continuation of the project titled "Addressing Perinatal Depression in Deprived Areas of Istanbul, Turkey" - "Improving maternal and child health by preventing and/or treating maternal depression - Happy Mothers, Healthy Children", Prof. Dr. Perran Boran, who is a lecturer at Marmara University Faculty of Medicine Pediatrics,  Department of Health and Diseases and also Head of the Department of Social Pediatrics, took part as the executive.

With this project, Boran and her team have launched a program that is specific to perinatal depression in our country, responds to needs, can be integrated with existing health care services (pregnancy school/pregnancy class), and can be applied to detect and take precautions or intervene in situations that may pose a risk for the protection and improvement of maternal mental health during pregnancy.

The research team of the new project, which is planned to be carried out for large-sample impact studies as a result of the successful completion of the feasibility studies of the previous project, visited Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kurt in his office. During the visit, the Rector Kurt congratulated  Prof. Dr. Perran Boran and her team for the success of the project and wished them continued success.