"Slices of Life During the Pandemic - In Memory of Tekin BOZKURT - Photo Contest" Exhibition and Award Ceremony Held

With the cooperation of Marmara University Health, Culture and Sports Department and Personnel Department, and the sponsorship of Üsküdar Municipality, a photography contest named "Slices of Life in the Pandemic Period" was organized for our university’s staff and students.

In this period when the coronavirus epidemic caused great losses all over the world and in our country, we lost Tekin Bozkurt, who was working in the Personnel Department and taking place as a member in the selection committee of the competition, due to Covid-19. In order to keep alive the memory of our valuable staff who contributed to the in-service training activities of our university with great devotion, the name of the competition was changed to "Slices of Life During the Pandemic Period - In Memory of Tekin BOZKURT - Photo Contest".

The results of the competition, of which the application process ended on May 1,   were announced on social media platforms on May 5, 2021. In the evaluation, in addition to the first three works selected from among 300 works, ten works deemed worthy of the exhibition were determined. The winner was awarded a 1000 TL, the second place was awarded 750 TL, and the third place 500 TL. In addition, 10 works deemed suitable for the exhibition were awarded 250 TL. In addition to these 13 works that are eligible for an award, the opening of the collection consisting of 25 works in total, including 12 works that passed the exhibition category, was held on 11 June,  in front of Prof. Dr. Orhan Oğuz Library. The opening ceremony was attended by  Rector Prof. Dr. Erol Özvar, Secretary-General Dr. Murat Arısal, Deputy Secretary-General Fatma Şengül, academicians and administrative staff. 

Prof. Dr. Erol Ozvar began his speech by thanking everyone who contributed to humanity in terms of morale and motivation by organizing this meaningful organization during the epidemic process and continued: “I would like to express my gratitude to Üsküdar Municipality for their unwavering support, our department heads, our general secretariat, all our colleagues who contributed, and all our academicians who organized and concluded the competition.”  Saying that,  in cases such as epidemics, the psychology of human beings may deteriorate,  they may become depressed, they may suffer from a security problem and an existential problem, Özvar expressed that applying to art in extraordinary situations where human psychology is prone to deterioration is one of the most beneficial ways. Özvar, who commemorated the lateTekin Bozkurt with mercy, said: “He was a staff member who loved his job, was extremely hardworking, and embraced his duty with all his hands. We remember him with gratitude."

Following his speech to the opening of the ceremony, Özvar underlined Marmara University's commitment to art with the words: “I congratulate everyone who participated in this competition, whether they were ranked or not. Our university will continue to show its inseparable friendship with art through such competitions and events. I would like to thank everyone who made this possible.”