Strong Women, Strong Marmara

Marmara University celebrated the 8th of March, International Women's Day, with the veteran strong women of the university, which was built with the strength of its deep-rooted past.

One of the important actors of production within the framework of our university’s mission of science,  Marmara University’s academic and administrative female staff came together in the event that was also attended by Prof. Dr.  Erol Özvar. At the event, a video prepared by our university with the slogan "Strong  Women of the Strong Marmara" combined with sincere interviews with our female staff was presented. In the video including academic staff, administrative staff, security guards, kitchen workers, and students, there were precious images from our women who had the chance to celebrate their birthday for the first time in the Marmara family, from those who are happy to be able to stand on their own feet, to those who are proud of being the guardian of science.

Then, the newest female administrative staff of our university, computer engineer Neslihan Akbaba, who started to work at the Department of Information Technologies 9 months ago, was invited to the stand. Akbaba said that her position at Marmara University was her first work experience and that being a part of this family brought her important gains and she was happy to work here.

Prof. Dr. Nesrin Kartal Özer from the Faculty of Medicine was presented to make her speech. She started with her words that  "Women serve in every sector of our society because women turn the world into a better place when they get the opportunities they deserve.” Özer added, “Women are made for science. They can make career or motherhood. Therefore, policies that give importance to the education of women should be implemented in modern societies. ". Denouncing family violence, Özer ended her speech with the words, “It is a fundamental human right to live free from fear and violence. Violence against women causes unhealthy and useless generations to grow up. Actions should be taken to prevent this. I believe that women will continue to be in every branch.”

Berra Doğaner, who graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Business first and works in the private sector in finance, was invited to give a speech. Doğaner said that being a Marmara University graduate has always taken her one step ahead in her business life, and expressed that she is proud of being one of the 100th year graduates.

Rector Prof. Dr. Erol Özvar presented flowers and gifts to the guests who completed their speech. Özvar, who was invited to the platform to deliver his speech, said that it is very important to come together on such days in terms of raising awareness. Expressing that this event was prepared to celebrate the place of women in production, Özvar said, “I congratulate our female workers and colleagues on the women's day. I am extremely proud to work with them. Lecturers, researchers, administrators, our women in other fields of study, you have made our university more strong ". Stating that female employees work at the top positions of the epidemic hospital and dental hospital operating within the body of Marmara University, Özvar said, “I saw that they were extremely hardworking, durable and most importantly, brave. The efficiency, continuity, and strength of women in the labor market are extremely important. I am of the opinion that Turkish women will create a driving force for Turkish society today as it has been in every period. Fortunately, you are working with us. "

Happy International Women's Day to all our women.