Textile and Manuscripts Conservation and Restoration R&D Central Laboratory Attended the 5th Heritage Istanbul  Expo

Restoration, Archeology and Museology Technologies 5th Heritage Istanbul Fair, which was held on 23-25 ​​June 2021 and is the only meeting point of the sector, was held in order to preserve and transfer the historical and artistic assets of our country to future years.

In  the fair, the activities carried out in the Textile and Manuscripts Conservation and Restoration R&D Laboratory (Konresargem), which was established at  the Marmara University Faculty of Technology  with the joint projects of the Textile Engineering, Printing Technologies and Art History Departments and with the support of the Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA), were introduced  by Dr. Meral Özomay from the Department of Textile Engineering and Dr. Zafer Özomay from the Department of Printing Technologies and  with the contributions of relevant  department students. In addition, various seminars and trainings were organized  within the fair.

The seminar on Textile Conservation, Restoration and Scientificness in Inventory Records”, given by Lecturer Dr. Meral Özomay of the Department of the Engineering,  attracted great interest and participation.