“Thoughts On Business Life Preparation” Seminar Was Held

Marmara University School of Applied Sciences Printing Technologies Club held a seminar titled  "Thoughts On Business Life Preparation " on March 31, 2021.   Ali Sefünç, who participated as a speaker and also author  of the books of “Yemin Eederim Bunu  Ben de Düşünmüştüm, Herşey Dahil Türkiye, Kaldırım Takıntısı, İskelede Minder Tatili”, shared his knowledge about the subject. 

Job preparation processes are the degree to which individuals have qualifications that will enable them to achieve success in their business life. Job preparation processes are defined as having the basic knowledge, skills, behaviors and practical understanding that will enable new graduates to contribute effectively to their goals in their institutions.

Ali Sefünç mentioned at the seminar that no opportunity is the last opportunity, sometimes a word, sometimes a person and sometimes an event play the leading role at the turning points of our lives and these turning points also affect our business life.