Turkey Mold Industry Status Report and UKUB Event Held

The "Turkey Mold Industry Status Report and UKUB (National Mold Manufacturers Association)" webinar, organized by Marmara University Academic Development Unit and attended by the Chairman of the National Mold Manufacturers Association, Şahan Eçin as a speaker, was held on Friday, May 28, under the moderator of Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ay of the Faculty of Technology. 

In the webinar where mold making in the world and in Turkey was discussed, general situation information about mold making was given and information on which countries we compete with in the world and those that highlighted the sector were shared, thus, the mold industry in Turkey was analyzed. It was also touched upon the collaborations of UKUB with universities.

At the end of the webinar, the questions of the participants were answered. You can access it  by clicking the following address : (https://akademikgelisim.marmara.edu.tr/notice/turkiye-kalip-sektoru-durum-raporu-ve-ukub-ulusal-kalip-ureticileri-birligi-webinari-yayinlandi)