TÜSEB Project Has Been Accepted

The study about the elucidation of the mechanism of action of peptides-related immune system proteins, prepared by Assoc. Prof. Pemra Özbek Sarıca from the  Faculty of Engineering was accepted by TÜSEB (Health Institutes of Turkey).

There are three scholarships within the budget of the project, thus our graduate and doctorate students will be supported. It is thought that the data obtained as a result of the project will make a significant contribution to the field. Within the scope of the project, 350.000 Turkish Lira was allocated. 

In the Project, it will be studied within the framework of the basic concepts of allosteric mechanisms in proteins and knowledge will be formed on this subject. The methods and analyses developed will be used in the solution of various current biology and health problems. In addition, identifying and differentiating allosteric changes during the presentation of the oncogenic peptides to the TCR structure will constitute a new approach related to the immunological background of cancer. In addition, thanks to this project, the information on TCR-pMHC interactions and the development of peptide vaccines can provide insights into drug design and protein engineering.